Will Google build the Netflix of Gaming? That question is not only subject to hardcore gamers. It may effect everyone who is interested in entertainment technology and at least likes to play just a little bit. On Tuesday at GDC in San Francisco, Google announced Stadia, a streaming game service. It will allow you playing games without any expensive hardware, all you need will be your TV, internet connection and a controller unit which directly connects with the internet. Google announced to sell these controllers soon. The service will launch later this year, Google said, and in Europe as well. How much it will cost was left untold.

It’s cloud based

Google isn’t the first company to come up with this idea. Sony and Electronic Arts already offering comparable models, others announced. So far non of them scaled up to the masses so far. But with Google being on of the major cloud services and relying on its massive global network of computers and servers, things should work out very well when it comes to gaming performance.

What type of games will we get?

Google stated  it’s partnered with game developers like Epic Games, Unity and Cryengine to ensure game developers can take advantage of its technology from the start. The company also said it has started its own game-making studio. An open question is how the future will look like. Can we expect to see top titles on multiple service platforms just like Google Stadia, or will each provider start producing own titles and set exclusive strategic partnerships with several developers.

A new decade – not only for Gamers

One thing seems to be clear, „It’s a great time for a Gamer“. Just like with Netflix, all you need to do is log in, chose what you want to play and get started. „Pay as you play.“ And here we maybe start to realize that not only the gamin industry gets a new push. There is a whole new universe of opportunities for eCommerce, payments, electronics hardware and other verticals. While the digital marketplaces and game retailers might face new challenges. They need start thinking how to adapt their business models to the new situation.



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